What's Your Skin Telling You?

What's Your Skin Telling You?

When someone discusses their skin troubles with me, my first question is "where are the problems occurring"? Great skin is not only determined by the products applied on the outside, but may be associated with the food with which you fuel your body, hormones, stress, genetics, and many other factors. In today's blog we will discuss the most common areas where acne and breakouts occur, as well as what your body could be telling you about your overall health. 


Problem: Acne and breakouts on the forehead can indicate a poor digestive system, or a change that needs to take place in your diet (food allergy). 

Solution: Cutting down on greasy/fatty foods will quickly diminish acne and breakouts (whiteheads/blackheads). 

Organs associated with forehead: Bladder, heart, small intestine


Problem: Most commonly attributed to the dirt accumulated from your phone, pillow case, as well as touching your face with not so clean hands. 

Solution: Routinely cleaning your phone (I usually talk on speaker to avoid this problem lol), and pillow cases will reduce dirt accumulated beneath the skins surface. 

Organs associated with cheeks: Stomach, lungs, large intestine 


Problem: Acne, hyper-pigmentation, and sensitivity are triggered by a hormonal change (time of the month), stress, or a hormonal imbalance. 

Solution: Regular exercise and reducing the intake of caffeinated beverages (ex. coffee/soda) can greatly reduce acne/breakout that occur during this time of the month. 

Organs associated with chin: Bladder, gynecologic problems, kidneys 

I hope this small introduction to possible underlying skin problems will assist you in maintaining clear, beautiful skin!

Until next time!

- SimonneRose

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Monica Johnson October 30 2017

Hi my breakout is cheeks and around my mouth area and chin is there anything I can used