Leslie Simonne

     Throughout my teenage years and entering my early twenties I struggled with the pressures to always look “perfect”.  Waking up two hours early became the    norm - setting aside enough time to cover my acne scars, breakouts, and hyper-pigmentation. I grew tired of purchasing products that ensured promising results which in turn only induced the sensitivity of my skin.

      I began to research the ingredients in the products and learned that a federal law to regulate skincare ingredients has not been passed since 1938. This has allowed the potential for many harmful even cancerous ingredients to slip through the cracks.

     With the assistance of my mother, a former chemist and my father a professional gardener of over twenty years, I began to formulate 100% natural plant-based products to target acne, breakouts, discoloration (hyper pigmentation/acne scars), and sensitivity. SimonneRose is more than a skincare brand. My goal is to provide knowledge and support for women who are struggling with insecurities and fears of being themselves and to feel less hesitant about showing the world their natural beauty.