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Vision Board Party

At the end of 2017 I hosted a small 2018 Vision Board party in hopes to inspire our 2018 aspirations. One of the biggest lessons I learned last year is to not only set goals, but to also outline the actions required to accomplish them.  Life is unpredictable and it’s easy to become wrapped up in the day to day routines and quickly lose focus. Working full time while also nurturing SimonneRose (reached 1 year mark 2.10.18… YAA!) can feel overwhelming without clear direction. Whether it’s finding love, a new job, traveling to new destinations, spending more time with family & friends…life is what you make. The key is to take a look at your life and filter out the...

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My Vegan Journey🌱

Tomorrow will mark my 3 week point in my Vegan journey (began 10/28/17) and I am super excited to share my experience thus far! In everything I do I believe in transparency - not over glamorizing a lifestyle or creating unnecessary hysteria. I decided to start a diet free of meat (including fish), dairy, and eggs simply because I was curious to see if my energy level and frequent migraines/low immune system would improve. The inhumane living conditions animals endured before arriving on my dinner plate never set well with me either. Three years ago, in my college course, I was required to watch Food, Inc. narrated by Michael Pollen. The documentary opened a window to the food industry that...

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What's Your Skin Telling You?

When someone discusses their skin troubles with me, my first question is "where are the problems occurring"? Great skin is not only determined by the products applied on the outside, but may be associated with the food with which you fuel your body, hormones, stress, genetics, and many other factors. In today's blog we will discuss the most common areas where acne and breakouts occur, as well as what your body could be telling you about your overall health.  Forehead Problem: Acne and breakouts on the forehead can indicate a poor digestive system, or a change that needs to take place in your diet (food allergy).  Solution: Cutting down on greasy/fatty foods will quickly diminish acne and breakouts (whiteheads/blackheads).  Organs associated with...

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